Feature Film


Sommerhaus Film GmbH


WarnerBros. Deutschland GmbH

The Challenge

The esteemed Peter Matjasko (DoP) and Thomas Stuber (Dir) sought to capture the genuine essence of the protagonists’ lives in this gritty, exclusive night-time drama; only shooting in 8K and at high ISO. To achieve this, two 8K RED Monstros were utilized in an IPP2 Workflow, while audio was recorded to a Cantar and subsequently delivered as Mono Files. This project ultimately culminated in a whopping 78TB of footage, which was sent to an online editor in a RAID and backed up on an LTO. Additionally, due to security concerns, WarnerBros prohibited the use of courier, necessitating the transfer of all proxies via the internet.


The Solution

Our powerful mobile dailies lab, VisionLab, was deployed to follow the production in Leipzig and its surrounding areas, enabling the DoP, Director, and Producer to view the final movie in 4K DCI-P3 in a mobile mastering suite.

The workflow I designed included shipping both Rec709 and DCI-P3 gradings, allowing for direct delivery to both mediums without necessitating a complete rework of the grade.

The VisionLab is also connected to the internet via LTE, which enabled us to upload all proxies during production.



Color Science | Workflow Engineering | Dailies | Remote Editing Transfer