my stretch goal
true circularity in Media & Entertaiment

I invest in
Data Orchestration

I thrive at the edge and am eager to collaborate with like-minded innovators. Should you wish to reach out, please do not hesitate to contact me via the various channels provided.

Axel Rothe

Enthusiast for New Work, Artifical Intelligence, Sustainability, Stochastics, Philosophy & Human Psychology.

Currently Working On:

Partner at VAN ROTHE GbR

PO/CTO of D·R·Y·H·Y·R (Rental Platform)

PO/CTO of WrangleBot (Open Source MAM)

I Envision & Strive for:

The establishment of a pan-European circular net-zero Media & Entertainment Industry, providing lasting and viable employment opportunities within the media sector.

Roles and Responsibilities:

CEO, CTO, Software Engineer, Digital Imaging Technician, Colorist, Cinematographer, Lighting Designer, Graphics Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, Film Producer, Disposition, Accounting, Documentarian, Team Manager.

Fields of Expertise:

I have invested over 10,000 hours in refining my proficiencies in these areas:

  • Media Design (since 2007)
  • Software Engineering (since 2008)
  • Web Design (since 2008)
  • Database Architecture (since 2009)
  • Business Ownership & Development (since 2009)
  • Cinematography and Lighting Design (since 2012)
  • Color Science (Color Transformation & Manipulation, 3D-LUT Design, Calibration etc) (since 2014)
  • (Live) Color Mastering (since 2014)
  • Marketing & Branding (since 2014)
  • Data Analysis (since 2017)
  • Media Asset Management (since 2018)
  • Automation (since 2020)
  • Artificial Intelligence (since 2021)


Axel Rothe

Plautstraße 27, DE-04179 Leipzig

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